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What is an Empath? If you're one of us, you have highly sensitive spiritual, emotional, and energetic perception. You literally feel other people's energy and emotions in your own body and energy field.
Sometimes it may seem like you are an energy sponge for others.
There is nothing you can do to take your intuitive empath sensitivity away; however you can learn to become a skilled empath so it doesn't hurt.
It is possible to learn empath coping skills and create boundaries so that you are not drained of energy. I explore these issues and other tools in my free monthly newsletters and in my book The Complete Empath Toolkit. I also hold several Empath Academy classes each year.  I also offer an Empath Awakenings Circle.

My name is Dr. Michael R. Smith, I'm a trained counselor and healing practitioner, and I act as a coach and facilitator for empaths and highly sensitive people.
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Are you an Empath? Finding Freedom from other's Negative Energy
It happens to empaths every day.

Other people will either give or take our energy from us. It's inevitable as breathing.

Energy exchange happens in every interaction in the world. More often than not, empaths are the ones who become drained.

An important first step in being a skilled empath is to learn to quiet your mind so that you can have awareness of when people infringe on your energy.
There's a famous story that tells of how Jesus knew when someone had tugged on his robe and therefore pulled some energy from him. As empaths, we also get people tugging at us, asking for our energetic help. We must be like all the great spiritual masters and become aware
of when these dynamics occur. That's what being a skilled empath means. Only then we can take steps to preserve our energy, primarily through the act of saying no.

Our second primary task is to make our energy fields (auras) bigger than they have ever been before. We do this through ritual practices that keep the chakras open and allow us to take in more Light energy. When we have a larger spiritual "mass" (e.g. a larger aura that can hold more Light), then when other people do take from us, it won't harm us as much. Make it your goal to have a little extra energy "padding."

Creating Light can be done in a variety of ways.
Yoga, martial arts, and mind-body meditation practices are just some of the many techniques that connect body and mind with the intention of more Light.
It is up to you to find a discipline and a ritual practice, something that you take seriously in order to raise your vibration and create more Light.

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(For more advanced information, you will learn hundreds of powerful techniques that are explored in detail in my instructional package The Complete Empath Toolkit. This is also what we do in my personal mentoring and coaching work).

. I have trained for many years with Native American shamans and other intuitive mentors who have helped me uunderstand the gifts I carry. You can do the same in my series of personal coaching and empath academy seminars. You can learn more about me & my training here.

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